Board of Directors

A Founding Board member and the only remaining member from the previous iteration of NeahCasa, Lane has been responsible for getting things going again.

An active member of the Tillamook County Housing Commission and Board Chair of Fulcrum Community Resources (among various other hats) .

A former longtime CARTM staff person who is involved with the White Clover Grange and now with NeahCasa as Treasurer.

A Tillamook County Commissioner with a passion for community improvement on all levels. We are honored to have her on our board.

Clinical Pharmacist at Rinehart Clinic with a particular interest in innovative housing for seniors.

The owner of a landscape business who has experienced first hand the challenge of finding housing locally.

Former Board Members

Tom Bender

Kelly Benson

Louise Christianson

Mike Cook

Gene Dieken

Gareth Ferdun

Linda Koslowski

Denise Lofman

Eunice Massie

LeeAnn Neal

Nan Nelson

Edith Rohde

Gary Seelig

Natasha Stevens