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Between the years of 2005-2010, a small band of us took on a valiant effort to tackle the challenge of affordable housing for our community. We described it as complicated set of issues, rather like a tangled ball of yarn. We worked hard to pull gently on the various threads.

The need was clear. It still is.

We were able to put together innovative ways of achieving huge reductions in housing costs but have yet to be able to demonstrate them on the ground.

Political support was minimal. A serious level of financial support was not available for pioneering ways of doing things, especially given our community's small size and remote rural location. And then the economy and housing market turned upside down... Were we just tiling at windmills?

Tired of banging our heads against the walls of resistance and roadblocks, we've shelved the advocacy efforts for now. A few of us are working at the private level to see what wants to move forward on actually making available some affordable homes for our hardworking community members.

We can still do a community land trust if there are places and a critical mass of interest.

Our successful Student Family Housing Project continues as funding continues to come forth. However, it has been turned over to CARE and out of NeahCasa's volunteers' responsibility. Thanks to Meyer Memorial Trust, Juan Young Foundation and US Bank, as well as local donors, for the $10,000 we are able to give to needy families in our community for housing support since 2005.

We'll see what wants to happen next.

Thanks to:

  • State Senator Betsy Johnson and Manzanita Council members, Linda Kozlowski (who is on our Board of Directors) and Leila Salmon.
  • Jim Tierney and the folks at Community Actions Center and NOW CDC, as well as to the Northwest Coalition of Community Land Trusts for huge amounts of technical help and hand holding.
  • US Bank (especially former Manzanita Branch Manager Kelly Benson), S.S. Johnson Foundation, and Enterprise Foundation for capacity building, planning and operational grants.
  • And our many small membership contributors.


    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

    Margaret Mead


    Click here for a very condensed version of the 2008 information on the NeahCasa website.


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